How to be good Uber driver ?

Uber is becoming increasingly popular and attractive among daily riders, business travelers and tourists. Some of the factors leading to the popularity of Uber include knowing the estimated fare ahead, which is relatively cheaper than taxi, Uber cars are well maintained and Uber drivers are trained to provide better customer service.

So, in order to maintain Uber’s popularity, Uber drivers play a significant part. Therefore, it is important to be a good Uber driver. So what does it take to be a good Uber driver? Being a highly dedicated Uber driver, it is highly advisable to give a good impression to the riders. In other words, your car and appearance must be clean and tidy. You have to make sure the car is clean and always send for car wash. If needed, you may also put some mild perfume creating a more pleasant ride for your customers. One of the most important thing to avoid is smoking in the car. The smoke might stay in your car and customers will certainly hate it. Being polite and well-mannered are extremely important criteria to be a good Uber driver. Also, please be generous with your smile. As a reward, your customers will give you higher service rating.

In order to be a good Uber driver, it is recommended not to do both Uber and Grab at the same time. One of the consequences for doing so is facing higher risk of losing out on the incentives. Therefore, it is highly advisable to focus on one. If you insist to do both, you should arrange your time accordingly. For example, you should focus in Uber during peak hours like 6am to 10am and 4pm to 8pm. The reason is because you will most probably be receiving ride request from both Uber and Grab during peak hours. This will be inefficient for you to handle. Outside of the peak hours, it is totally up to yourself whether or not to do both Uber and Grab in order to increase higher chances of getting ride request. No matter what, be professional in your service and make sure customers’ satisfaction is given higher priority.

Canceling ride request can be normal at certain times. Let’s say if the rider is quite far from you, maybe 20 minutes away, you can apologize to the rider and let them cancel the ride request. Do not simply cancel ride request as it will leads you to getting warning from Uber. Thus, always communicate politely with your customers.