Uber 0.99 cents , a blessing in disguise


Many drivers reacted negatively when Uber launched it’s RM 0.99 trips campaign for  distance that are less than 4KM. Drivers refused to accept trips unknowingly that Uber will guarantee a minimum fees of RM 5 within KL city center.  So how much can you really earn from a RM 0.99 per trip campaign ?



Here are some trip details of the short trip. Drivers are able to make above RM 16 per trip that is less than 5km. The whole journey took only 10 minutes! Keep repeating this strategy when there are surge on high demand central business district areas. Minimum guaranteed fares + surge fees are lethal and deadly. The lesson is, always make good easy smart money. There are opportunities in every driving scenario. Learn to be a good and smart Uber driver