Uber Boost

In order to form the largest, densest and most expensive transportation network globally, UBER has been offering plenty of promotions, incentives for their drivers and guaranteed payments. UBER’s latest incentive program in what is known as UBER Earnings Boost, gives UBER drivers a guaranteed surge pricing on the ride fare. As an UBER driver, you are encouraged to take full advantage of UBER Earnings Boost while it lasts. It is also reported that UBER is trying to move away from the old conventional payment model of average hourly pay and Power Driver Bonus by pushing forward with UBER Earnings Boost model.

How to Be Eligible for UBER Earnings Boost?

In order to be eligible for UBER Earnings Boost, there is no need for you to opt-in because UBER will send you an offer through email and if you didn’t receive the email, you can still look at the UBER Earnings Boost displayed in the UBER driver partner app while you are driving on the road. It is said that UBER seems to be doing a better job compared to previously in ensuring that their drivers know that they are eligible for the UBER Earnings Boost.


UBER Earnings Boost Times

The email and UBER driver partner app will display the following times for UBER Earnings Boost. The difference is that the email will display the time schedule for UBER Earnings Boost for that entire week while the UBER driver partner app will only display the times for UBER Earnings Boost for that particular day.

Generally, UBER Earnings Boost usually happens during the times when they are trying to encourage all of their drivers to get on the road by dishing out incentives and these type of situations typically happen during rush hours, commuting hours and Friday and Saturday nights when people go out to party. Certain days and times will also have higher surge multipliers.


UBER Earnings Boost Area

Whenever a boost area appears, it will be displayed with a red outline in your UBER driver partner app and any trips that you make within the red outline will be given a surge fare multiplier automatically. While previously UBER drivers have to wait for the end of the week to see which of their trips were given UBER Boost, UBER has now updated the system to inform their drivers every time their trips gets UBER Boost.


Terms and Conditions for UBER Earnings Boost

The terms and conditions for UBER Earnings Boost are far less restricted when compared to their previous Average Hourly Guarantees model and you are advised to read the fine prints displayed in the email sent by UBER. In general, the terms are:

  • No requirements on the minimum or average number of trips
  • No acceptance rate is required
  • No completion rate is required
  • The trip request must be made from the area with UBER Boost
  • You do not have to opt-in


Surge and UBER Earnings Boost

In the event when there is both surge and UBER Earnings Boost, UBER will always pay out the higher multiplier out of the two to make sure that you maximize your potential earnings while driving.


Tips on How to Increase Your Earnings Using UBER Earnings Boost

Below are some of the ways you can do to take full advantage of the UBER Earnings Boost to increase your earnings:

  • As UBER Earnings Boost is also displayed in real time in the UBER driver partner app, you will know exactly when and where to drive to in order to receive your UBER Boost
  • The UBER Earnings Boost weekly time schedule displayed on the email sent by UBER is very helpful to you too because it helps you to plan your workload during the week and when to go online in the UBER driver partner app
  • Scroll through the UBER driver partner app’s homepage often so that you do not miss any weekly promotions
  • Check your payment statement immediately after the trip with UBER Boost to ensure that your surge earnings are guaranteed and you will also be delighted to know that UBER does not take any cut from trips with UBER Boost
  • Make sure your UBER driver partner app is updated to the latest version