Uber driver Malaysia income

There are more and more people becoming Uber driver in Malaysia. Being attached under the very convenient service apps based on Android and IOS platform, getting customers have never been easier.

One major question is that why many people are becoming Uber driver? Is the income very attractive? From some of the feedback received, the income for working as an Uber driver is similar to that of a normal job. One Uber driver can reach a monthly income form the range of RM3000 to RM4000. This income is also highly dependent on how hardworking you are as you are given flexibility in the job, in which you can choose to work half day every week or even for a few days per week.

As you become Uber driver for a longer time, you will realize that you are able to maximize the profit and increase your income based on your driving experience. Based on a weekly earning, the income is about RM800 including toll and petrol. Overall, the monthly profit can be slightly above RM2500 after reducing all the toll charges, petrol fees and car maintenance fees. This income range is for those who drive inconsistently. Therefore, for those of you who drive 8 to 10 hours a day and 6 days per week, the monthly income can be above RM3000.    

One of the advantages of becoming an Uber driver in relate to income is that Uber is providing a weekly income statement which can be very useful when it comes to buying new cars or applying for loans. It is also quite easy to get ride request, meaning that you can get customers easily especially in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. Hot areas like Sunway, Mont Kiara, Kota Damansara and shopping malls like Midvalley or Pavilion are flooded with customers. Sometimes, Uber can be relatively in high demand depending on certain areas and time.    

 If you drive from 6am to 10am, there will be a guarantee of RM30 an hour. It is early but it is good and easy money during this period of time. During lunch time, ride request can be lower. Depending on your preference, you may as well take a break especially when you are exhausted. It is better to take a break and do not risk yourself driving when you are sleepy and tired. Then, you may resume driving from 4pm to 8pm and sometimes the ride request can be non-stop until midnight in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. Thus, it is very important to be familiar with highways in order to avoid taking the wrong road or turn.

For those who prefer flexibility in work, being an Uber driver is a good choice as its income is quite good and easy. Moreover, it can be a great experience.