Uber X

Some of you may be still be confused with the types of Uber available. Uber is offering many car options, depends on where you live, certain type of cars may be more than the others.

Uber X being the most common type of Uber option is more readily available as compared to other type of Ubers. Uber X is very friendly economically, with a regular car that fits up to four passengers. This Uber is consider to be one of the most famous and used services as it is the least expensive one. It is quite affordable and you can expect the usual four-seat cars like Perodua MyVi, Nissan Almeera, Toyota Vios and Toyota Prius. The drivers of this category will be using their own everyday cars. One important criteria set by Uber is that the cars must be well maintained and cannot be more than five years old. Some other requirements include cars with four full and independently opening doors, no cosmetic damage or missing pieces, no commercial branding and no large passenger vans, commercial or heavy duty trucks.

A ride with Uber X can be around 15% cheaper as compared to riding with a taxi. This will definitely saves you a lot of money if you are a frequent rider. Even better, Uber X is getting even cheaper in Kuala Lumpur areas. The further price drops in Uber X can increase convenience for those who need a ride either for a short trip around the city, to run some errands or meeting a friend for a lunch. Uber X is able to provide a safe, reliable, convenient and affordable ride. Uber X is not only available in Kuala Lumpur but also other cities like Penang, Johor Bahru, Melaka, Ipoh, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching.

Here are some pricing for Uber X in certain cities. For example, the minimum fare in Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching is RM0.95 while the minimum fare in Johor Bahru and Ipoh is RM1.00. In Penang, the minimum fare is slightly lower, RM0.80. Apart from this, there will be a cancellation fees which cost about RM5.00.